I met this guy at a mutual friends birthday dinner. We casually talked all night and hit it off. At the end of the dinner he asked for my number and for the past month we've been texting in a more flirtatious manner (but still pretty casual/get to know eachother type of stuff).

This past weekend, I invited him to come to our other mutual friends birthday. He came and gave me a big tight hug when he saw me and we immediately started talking for a while. He seemed interested and engaged in the conversation. But towards the middle of the night he wasn't paying me any direct or special attention.

But later on in the party (he had also had a few beers, so really relaxed MAYBE a bit tipsy but doubt it because he was 100% coherent), he beckoned me over to him from the other side of the room. I came over and he pulled me close to him and then we proceeded to talk in a very cozy snuggled up manner/grind for the next several hours. We were chatting and laughing and having a good time; there is a definite mutual attraction on both physical and mental levels, and he complimented me several times throughout. I also saw he was talking about me to his cousin via text.

About 1 AM I had to leave, and he pleaded with me not to go. Alas I had to, and he walked me out and hugged me (and did a bit of a butt grab...) and asked me to go out with him this upcoming weekend (I said yes, then goodbye).

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