Do I get out now Do I maybe consider if he does come back around...

By laurenlaurenlaurenb | Oct 20 2015

I've been talking to a guy for several months now, and he's given me the whole 'I've never felt this way about anyone before' speech every day since, except for this Saturday evening/Sunday morning. On Sunday he was acting weird, and I knew immediately something was off. So I asked him if he felt he same, but he said he 'didn't know how he felt' and now he thinks I am 'too much work' so I asked if we would go forward, and he said no, but then he said his reason is he thinks he's being a dick and doesn't want to commit. So I asked if he wanted some space to figure it out, and he said, 'yeah it is probably me being hungover and freaking out.' So I said well if you wanted to get in contact, please do. So I left the ball in his court. Today, he has been VERY active on my social media with liking things of mine. I know it is already a very bleak outcome and my crying is justified, but should I maybe not close the door on him yet?

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