I'm kind of into one of my best friends (who is a guy) best friend.. If that makes sense haha. I've known him for two years now and there has always been a lot of flirting and stuff between us. When I see him at uni he always stops and talks to me or walks with me wherever I'm going. A year ago he got out of a 4 year relationship (the girl treated him horribly) so I know he's a guy who doesn't mind being "tied down", not that I'm saying I want to date this guy right now but as a girl it's comforting knowing the guy can commit. Anyway, we've been talking a lot lately and snapchatting a lot as well. Yesterday (New Years) he snap chatted me a frown saying "happy New Years! Wish you were here". All sounds good except my relationship with him is a lot of joking around and his humor is a little.... Vulgar/rude at times (he's like that with everyone) but I have seen his soft side. My best friend actually asked me if I was into his best friend yesterday but I avoided the question pretty well.

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