So there is this guy, he is 3 years older than me and I have been friends with him for 2 years or so now. Just recently he invited me to his birthday party, and there were only guys there and then afterwards he asked me for my number. We have chatted every day all day, and we have a lot of laughs together. Sadly he lives a few hours away from me, but he asked me to go to a concert with him. He also, since we are family friends we all went camping. He was really sweet to me, and cuddled me when I was cold, gave me his towel, and complimented me, he would also find any way to talk with me. Also, before bed he asked my brother since they are friends if I liked him. Now yes all of these hints, may seem like he likes me, but a few days this week he has been a little distant off and on. Maybe and I am probably just paranoid over something very silly. He one minute will be all flirty and then the next call me sis, and all of those things. I am just very confused, and I would love some tips on how to tell if he likes you, signs a guy liked you through all of his mixed messages and all of that! Just please help! I am seeing him in 2 weeks and we are going hiking down where he lives.

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