He told me the reason he postponed our hangout on Xmas is that he...

By superconfused_2 | Dec 28 2015

So I met this guy around mid October. Initially it was for music but then we really hit it off. We clicked and were attracted to each other! We talked and realized we both felt the same way! The next week we hung out, watched a movie yes kisssed. It was late I stayed The night and we cuddled that's it. No fooling around or sex or anything. Woke up he walked me to my car, l let him know I made it home safely and talked a little afterwards. We texted that night it was short and brief. Then that week it was little communication. I finally decided to call him asked him what he thought of me and that night. In so many words he didn't want a relationship, he knows I do. So I didn't contact him. A week later he contacts me. We stopped talking for about a month and half. I got over him because I genuinely truly liked him. I did.. I moved on and Dec. 18th,2015 I get a text from him wishing me a Happy Bday and he wanted to see me. I said great but never have a time or date. Then we made plans 2 days later to meet never heard from him. I texted him, no response. Texted him the next day, he said he had a bad day he would cAll me. No call. I txtd him Merry Xmas. He asked me to come over I said yes like a dumb dumb. 2 hrs he asked to reschedule the next day. I told him off about himself and to not contact me anymore. He calls and I tell him the exact thing I'm not be played with leave me alone. If he reaches out to me what to do?

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