So I guess my question is, what are y'all's opinion on this Do...

By ilovezsparkles97_2 | Aug 13 2014

So it all started about 2 months ago when I started working at a fast food chain. (Im 17 btw) On my first day at work, there was this guy who apparently (as I found out later on by some other co-workers) was flirting with me. Only he had a girlfriend at the time. A few weeks after I had started working there he asked for my number and we started texting. A few weeks later he and his girlfriend broke up. (I'm not sure on any of the details) One night, about a month ago, me and him snuck out see each other. (We only live about a mile apart) We made out, but aside from that nothing much went on. Maybe a little touching, but anywayyys, we've continued to sneak out quite a few times now. We having actually had sex, but everything else we've pretty much done. Anyways, I really like him, and he says he really likes me. Some people at work are asking if we're dating, but I'm never sure on what to say exactly. (I'm not allowed to date so we've never actually been out) but I mean, we've done stuff. So we're not exactly, not dating, ya know what I mean? Also, I don't know what he sees me as. Because we're not boyfriend and girlfriend. I don't know this is all just confusing.

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