A guy contacted me on a website and after a few emails asked me out on a date. We had a lovely time on the date and he asked if we could meet again and if it was alright that he called me after his gig that same evening. I said sure. The date ended with a kiss.

The rest of the evening he texted me, asking if he could come over later that night. I said that any other night but not this one because I had an early appointment for a job interview the day after. We agreed to get together a few days later. He writes he'll call after work the day after and we continue to text during the evening. He is really flirty and a lot of "kisses and hugs". I flirt back.

I send him a text the day after, when I haven't heard from him to ask if he got home alright as he had an one hour drive back to his place. He responded (translations from my native language):
"Yes I did! Sorry for not being in touch today. I was called in at work so I'm at work the whole evening. I also worked the whole day at my regular job."

I answer him: "I'm glad to hear you got home safely :) You get back to work and then you rest and we'll be in touch when you're able to. Hugs"

Late in the evening the day before our second planned date he texts me: "Hi, I totally forgot that we had a Christmas party at work tomorrow evening and I'm working the whole weekend. The week after I have my daughter. It is a lot going on right now so I talk to you another day. Kisses and hugs darling"

I answer: "Okay, I sort of got that feeling from you last text so I started to plan another thing for tonight. I truly hope you get a lovely evening! Hugs"

Then silence.

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