There's this guy I like at work and I think he may like me too. He arranges to leave work the same time so we can chat afterwards for about half an hour, he often texts after work to ask about my day and he always schedules coffee breaks with me so we can catch up. He often compliments me and says we should go out. He also asks personal questions like what I look for in a guy, whats my type etc. One of our work colleagues also thinks he really likes me.

Every single time he has texted though, he always takes at least an hour or two to reply (and we have known each other for months). Every single time. Sometimes he doesn't even reply, even when I've asked a question. And every time he asks me out he is really enthusiastic about it but never sets a date or time. A couple of times we've agreed on a time and he always cancels on the day. One time I texted to ask if we were still on and he didn't even reply. Whats the deal with this guy?

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