What is happening and what should i do next Please help! ...

By fusiongrl1115 | Oct 17 2014

so theres this guy and i was pretty sure for the longest time that he liked me. and i like him too. but this week we were snapchatting, and then he just stopped responding. he didint open the ones i sent him but he saw my story. all this week in class he's seemed really tired and stressed out. he usually waits for me after class but he hasnt been talking much to me. he hasnt opened any of the snapchats i sent (only 3) and i texted him asking if anything was going on because i was confused by his behavior change and it says he didnt see it. also today this other girl was totally flirting with him and he didnt seem too into it but way more into her than me. i just dont know what to do. i want to help him if he actually needs help with something but at the same time i just want to know what is wrong. like why did he randomly just stop talking to me? i'm so confused!

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