So I met this guy online a few weeks ago. The first time we met up was when we were both out at the bars with friends. It was a very casual meet up, but was safe and comfortable since we did meet online. After that, he texted me after and said it was great to meet me and that he really hoped we could hang out again soon. I replied that I agreed. So about a week goes by, I hadn't really heard from him, but that Friday evening he texted me asking me how my week was and what I had going on that weekend. I told him my plans for that weekend and he replied that we should meet up for a drink again if we were out in the same area again that night. We didn't end up seeing each other though because he ended up falling asleep early that night. He apologized and said we should try and meet up for a drink sometime that following week. We texted some here and there throughout the week, but I was really busy with work so once again plans didn't work out. Finally, the following week we were able to meet up for drinks on a Tuesday. We sat and chatted for a couple of hours and had, what I thought, was a great time. He drove me back to my apartment, I invited him in for a little bit. We made out on my couch for quite some time but didn't have sex. He seemed really engaged though, and when he left that night, I felt good like he was pretty interested in me. The next day(Wednesday), I realized he had left his watch at my apartment, so I texted him to let him know. He asked if he could come get it and I said yes. He stops by, and I handed him the watch and we talked for a few minutes then he was on his way. An hour later, he texts me saying traffic was awful and he wished he would have stayed and hung out with me for a while until rush hour was over. I apologized for not inviting him to hang out, and he said no worries next time :) So this Friday, he texts me at 11pm… I was already asleep so I woke up to this. He asked me what I was up to. I replied the next morning apologizing that I had fallen asleep. I didn't hear from him all day. Finally, I texted him around 5:30 yesterday evening asking what he was up to that night. We told each other about our plans for that night and agreed to try and meet up. We end up meeting up around 1am which I realize was a total booty call probably…. We went back to his place and hooked up. And afterwards and in the morning he was very cuddly. Much more than I would expect from anyone looking for just sex. We talked a lot this morning and cuddled and had sex again. I caught him even staring at me smiling a couple of times. Cuddled some more, and then he drove me home. I was slightly shocked by this because I had just planned on taking a cab since he lives probably 15-20 min away from me. We talked a lot the whole drive home, laughed and had fun. Then when he dropped me off we had an awkward moment where I didn't know if I should have hugged him or kissed him goodbye or what. So I just leaned over and gave him a kiss.
He hasn't texted me all day today.

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