I've been texting with a guy who used to be my therapist. I have not been his client for a significant amount of time. We live 200 miles apart but text & flirt on the weekends. This past weekend, one of my friends got my phone & sent him 4 pics of me in my bra & begged him not to tell. I saw the pics in the deleted folder & told him I was embarrassed she did that and believe me, I've dealt with her and I know not to ever lay my phone down but when I told him I was embarrassed and that I hoped he wasn't offended, he texted "not offended at all but I can understand why you might be."
Does this mean he didn't like them? If he did like them, why wouldn't he have said that even though they weren't sent by me & weren't the best lighting, they were still pretty sexy, at least I think. I don't know if he's acting different because he didn't like them & now he doesn't want to flirt anymore or if I'm thinking that so I'm over analyzing his behavior. I really like this guy and I'm so attracted to him in every way. Please tell me what to do. I don't want to look insecure by asking if he liked them or put him on the spot but I'm so concerned that ruined everything because what he saw didn't meet his expectations.

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