I met a guy recently while sitting down to have a coffee. He struck up a conversation with me (asking a lot of questions, like what my background was etc., and I asked him about himself) and then asked me my name and introduced himself. He also asked what I was doing later. He was studying for an exam he was about to go to. He wrote his name and number on the sleeve of his coffee cup and he tore it off in such a way that the word spelled my name (just missing the last letter). I wasn't able to text him right away cause I needed to find an app on my phone since I still need to get my phone replaced after being in a car accident a few months ago (was the pedestrian). I really wanted to just call but ended up texting the next day. I feel like maybe he wanted to do something later that day (when he asked what my plans were) but he didn't outright say it. I texted him and he replied a few mins. later. This is how it went. Me: Hey....! It's....How are you? :) Hope your exam went well?! This is my temp number (free app and then need to add on to it). Took a really long time to find it (haha), tho it's a good one :) June 13th 6:12 PM. Him: Hey! It's good to hear from you! My exam went Well :) I got what I was hoping! How are You? 6:17 PM Me: It's good to hear from you too! Oh that's good! I'm glad :) Prob feels really good (being your last one). I'm good. How are you doing? 6:40 PM. Then I thought I couldn't receive his text cause I ran out of usage on the app and my debit wasn't working that eve and so couldn't purchase more iTunes credit to add on to it. The next day I sent a text from another app until I could get back to using the other one. This is what I sent. Hey...! I'm so sorry that I haven't been able to respond back to your message cause I need to add on to my Hushed account. Tried to last night, tho my debit card wouldn't go through (pin #) when I tried to purchase an iTunes card. So hopefully this one works until I can get back on to the other and then a really real # (this only has so much free on it as well) lol. If you're interested, Hushed let's members talk for free with a pin % (unlimited calls) though you'd have to add on a line for 1.99 US (if you're interested in talking later). Would of sent you an invite but it wouldn't let me cause I used up my texts (4) lol and I only have 4 mins of talking out of 10 (last time I checked) cause I needed to call my parents. Hope you get this message! ..... P.s. Actually, I guess I have no talk time left on Hushed (at the moment) cause the balance went towards the texts lol(didn't know it worked that way earlier)! Learning a lot about apps (maybe I'll create one ;) June 14th 9:21 AM. Him: .....! Sorry I didn't get to you yesterday! How are you doing today June 14th 1:50 PM. This following message was sent on another app cause I ran out of usage on the other one. Me: Hey..., that's ok! Glad I didn't miss it! Having phone problems do a lil stressed but I'm alright :) (found a couple of back up apps). Sorry for so many numbers and long explanations lol. June 14th 3:14 PM. Then I sent one more message (few days later). Hey...! How are you doing? Did you take part in any of FIFA? Thought I'd let you know that this will be my number for now. I have a consult for physio tomorrow, so looking forward to that! June 16th 10:59 PM. I wish I had just called him when the time was right but I didn't want to leave him wondering. I realize that I did text to much (when I really just wanted to call him). He has my email (I gave it to him (just in case) cause my phone is damaged). I really like him a lot and don't wanna miss out on something good (after coming so close to death). It's been a really difficult and emotional time for me (still recovering from my head injury etc). I don't know what to think.?! I'm still wondering if I should wait and see if I hear back from him or just call him (maybe ask him to go do something). I really wouldn't mind if we started out as friends (but I don't want to mess this up). Our names are almost identical (his middle name is my first name, minus a letter and he told me about his middle name) and also the exam he was about to take was for cognitive psychology - he's going into medicine (kind of funny cause I'm recovering from a head injury, and I actually picked up a book on cognitive psychology, just days before meeting). Lots of coincidences. Would really appreciate any insight and advice. Really need to rest my head and heart! Thank you!

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