My boyfriend and I have been together for 2 years now and we love each other with everything we've got. I'm just... I'm just worried. There's another girl that's always been flirty and touchy even while knowing that him and I are dating and even while I've actually been standing right in front of them. I had a conversation with her at the beginning of our relationship where I asked her to please respect our relationship and understand how doing what she did was unacceptable and very very disrespectful. (This was after she had jumped onto his back and made him carry her at least 3 or 4 times in front of my face, clearly i was upset.) She stopped for a while and then a couple months later started up again. We've argued about her for almost TWO YEARS. He always says that's just how she is and that I'm just jealous and I alwayssss explain that it's not jealousy but simply anger over the fact that she has absolutely no respect for our relationship whatsoever. What erks me even more is that I've ALWAYS asked him to put her in her place and tell her to stop, or to stop touching him, or to step away when she's close as hell, but it's like he ENJOYS her attention because he has NEVER put her in her place, a couple months ago she tried to climb on his shoulders again and he didn't move until he saw i was watching, then just recently she walked up to him and started putting her hands all over his shoulders and when she saw that he was looking at me to see if i was watching she smiled and said "oh sorry i know your girlfriend will get mad if I'm close" this pissed me off even more because KNOWING how upset she makes me and even knowing that SHE knows how upset her actions make me he stillll doesn't tell her to back off. Today she was on her knees and "couldnt get up" and out of all people she called my boyfriend to get her up because her "feet were asleep" but as soon as he had her by her arm and she was up she walked perfectly. But her "feet were asleep?" Seriously? I've told him repeatedly if he wants me to show me and to get away from her and he never does. What makes me mad the most is how much of a hypocrite he is. Any time he tells me not to talk to a guy or get close to a guy and i do, all hell breaks loose, but this is okay? What should I do?

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