My first boyfriend broke up with me three months ago. After I had asked him out, we had been together for a year. At first he was very warm and sweet, but two months into the relationship, he just became distant. He wouldn't even hold my hand or hug me. At first I had issues with that, but later I accepted it as it is, gave him whatever space he said he wanted and we kind of got along fine. After I had come back from semester break this summer, he just broke up with me all of a sudden. He said that the relationship is confining for him and that he can't continue it. I don't know why this sudden realization had dawned on him, he had promised that he'd never leave me, even if I leave him. I tried to talk to him again, but he said that he felt very free, happy and at peace with himself now. I'm still heart broken and unable to get over him. In fact, I think even he's uncomfortable around me. I want him to be my best friend like he used to be even before the relationship. I want him back.

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