So I met a guy on POF a week before Christmas, we've been texting on & off up until late Saturday 1/3 eve. We went on a date, on Friday 1/2 due to a text he sent: "So is it because I'm not a big texter and you've misconstrued my actual interest that you've withdrawn? Look I know you have many men chomping at the bit for a date with you but Ill be honest, our text conversations haven't been exactly punctual with replies. :/ I've also learned to not take anyone seriously on POF. Not one person has kept their word lol. I think Its kind of a rip off if you're paying for it like I did. Anyway, I like the fact that you're so artistically inclined and even if nothing romantic develops, good friends are hard to come by. Hopefully at least that can develop. Cheers. :)"

We had an amazing date, he was attentive, flirty & responsive to my flirting. Tried to kiss me a few times & I agreed at the end of the date. It was amazing & he seemed to be delighted by our chemistry, very giddy even. He looked at me with a smoldering look, held my face in his hand & said "You're the first girl I've met off POF... hopefully the last. .." and kissed me extra sweet and passionately! He practically begged me to call him when I got home, I agreed. The texts are in the screenshot.

After the next afternoon, he texted me a few times & then dropped off the face of the planet. I texted him a couple times, trying to clarify my interest. Then Monday, 1/5... I remembered he wanted me to find him on FB. So I did & he had a post that his phone broke! So I sent him a friend request & he accepted a few hrs later. A quick message to him saying "Hi" & he replied "Yeah, my shit broke. Lol" I stated that sucked & asked what he's doing. He said he's good & getting artwork done for some tattoos (he runs a shop). I asked him if he wanted to meet up again. He's been online since, hasn't read my msg or replied. Today is 1/7

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I have a bit of a problem with anxiety and obsessively thinking/analyzing situations. I have posted on here a few times about a guy I had met online and thus far, after a month of talking, and 2 wonderful dates, the general consensus has been that he is into me. He is a great guy in the sense that he is a gentleman, drives over an hour to see me, plans fun dates, texts me just about every day, initiates phone calls, etc.
The new issue that I am obsessing about is this: We had a date on Saturday. On said date he asked to take my picture 2 times: once in front of a Christmas tree lighting we saw and once at dinner. I instead said "Jump in the picture and be in it with me!" He did so. We had a GREAT date. Lots of laughs, good conversation, he complimented me a lot, etc.
At dinner we were discussing a trip he just went on and he pulled out his phone to show me pictures from it. As he was scrolling down, I saw ANOTHER picture of ANOTHER girl --one that he was obviously at dinner with and that he asked to take a picture of, much as he did me. Now, I have NO idea when that picture was, but I am guessing it was before he went on this trip and that was over a month ago. (We had our first date 2 weeks ago). I guess I am just feeling a little insecure about it, jealous maybe.
He texted me about an hour after our date ended, fowarded me our pictures that we took together, was sweet in conversation, and today I haven't heard from him at all. (We sometimes don't text until around 5-9 pm).
Something else to take into consideration is this: I had told him I had deactivated my POF account because of a certain situation. Just last week he called me and I made a joke about the POF site and he said "I deleted my profile about a week ago. I got tired of getting dings on my phone notifying me of an email". He had a PAID page on there... do you think maybe he deleted his account because he met ME or because he got tired of the "dings". He could have very easily turned the alerts off. He also mentioned last week when I said "I know you are super busy with blah blah blah so if you want to meet up XYZ date...." and he replied "I'm not talking to anyone else and I'm not dating anyone else". (I didn't ask if he was-he VOLUNTARILY told me).

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This guy and I are in the same grad program at school, and hadn't really talked until we saw each other on Plenty of Fish. After spending time with him at an Art Walk (there was a group of us, it wasn't a "date"), I find myself really liking him, and feel we have a lot in common. He's very laid back and quite, so it's hard to know if he has an interest in me, too, or if it's just platonic.

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I met a guy on POF in July, we texted for a little over a month off and on, picking up in mid August and then finally meeting in late August. We hit it off immediately--similar interests, would rather hang out than party, enjoy trying new places to eat just as much as staying in and cook (he is an executive chef, and likes to cook for me). He has not officially moved to my town yet (he was transferred here by his company, and is still looking for a house to buy), so he goes back to his home state every 10 days. While he is here I know he is busy with this new account--10 hr days are not unheard of. We usually text every day or every other day, and see one another every two days. Last time he was home he ended up having to work at a trade show, and I never heard from him until he came back. I explained that I was slightly worried and not hearing a peep, and he apologized--in his defense, I know he was working hard and was also not feeling well. That next week was great, but then state inspectors were visiting and it was touch and go. Then when I asked when he was going home, he said that evening. I was given no heads up.

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Stopped texting a guy I was seeing as he didn't want the commitment, after 6 days
I randomly get a text off him saying "back on POF lol?" I always knew one of us would say it first , we texted back and forth was really nice as hadn't spoken in a week then we hooked up that night as we both wanted each other and it's comfortable. He also said in one of his texts he only goes on POF as he's bored and if he wanted anything he would be with me (slightly confused ) . After we had sex he held my hand for a bit and kissed me 3x on my neck and put his hand on my butt cheek and we talked to catch up it felt like it did but we were both bit hesitant when we were regularly sleeping together and was seeing each other.

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We met on tinder, his profile says looking for just friends.. now when we have hung out we were swimming and hes like I can't strip down naked yet, it's only our second date. and a few days ago we had a cuddle session and all night he said how much he liked me, he kissed me saying he had wanted to do that the day we met etc. OH and I met his best friend the second time we hung out (who happens to be the roomate of one of my coworkers, well my coworker messaged this guy and asked him if she could set her roommate up with me, he was like I dunno I'll ask her, but when he told me he said that's not happening, why would I set you up when I like you) I'm getting a I'm into you vibe and not just friends. He knows I don't do booty calls, I'm not up for one night stands so he hasn't overly tried. We text a lot of sex stuff, but a lot of it is funny stuff because we both have the same sense of humor. He sends me pics of him and his kids, so I know it's not just sex talk.

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I really hope you guys can help me. I met a guy on POF at the end of July and we've been texting on app almost on a daily basics since August 1st. Everything seems great, he didn't write much in his profile and only have one pic but our conversation were great. I'm in nyc and he's an European live in bermuda. I thought he's in nyc when I first message him since he set his location in nyc, he did explained to me that he's currently working in finance in bermuda but moving to nyc in few years.

Anyway. A week in after we start talking on the dating app, he said he's coming to nyc for Labor Day weekend for some shopping and wanted to meet up with me, of course I said yes. After that we start exchanging phone num and text on what'sapp. We never seen broadway so he got us tickets to see Les Mis on the Sunday he's in nyc, dinner and drinks afterward. Between that time and Labor Day weekend we've been texting on apat a daily basic, we talked about things we like, how's our days etc.. He never show me his pic but I googled him and found his linkedin and some background about him so I know he's legit. Ever since we start talking in August, I stopped replying messages from other guys although I still login to the apps to delete messages couple times a day. He's on my message list and he's been offline ever since we start texting on what'sapp, I was happy,

Fast forward to Labor Day weekend, he flew in on sat at 11am and leave on Monday around 5-6pm. We meet up on sat night around midnight in my regular bar (I was there hanging out with bartenders) Booze and pool for the night. Later he said he likes to meet my dog, so we came back to my place and met my dog then watch a movie. He fell asleep during the movie and when I woke him up he took a cab back to his hotel, it was 5am and we have the broadway show at 3pm. Next morning he had to cancel brunch because of his headache, we dress up for the show and meet up half an hour before the show start to have a drink, he asked me about my blog (I never told him I have a blog), so apparently he googled me as well. Anyway he did mentioned that he's moving to nyc in few years, things like that. The show was great, he mentioned a surprise for me on Sunday, turns out he got us the orchestra seat was the surprise. After the show we were suppose have dinner the same night and drinks but he had to cut it short use to his headache, we ended up went to a restaurant nearby for wine and food that's he barely eat at all. He did said he want to have brunch the next day on the restaurant we were suppose to go today. During dinner, we share stories about our background and he mentioned that he's moving to nyc again. Anyway we left the restaurant around 7-ish and he walked me to the train station, a kiss on the cheek and text me when you're home it's all I've received from him. And below are the texts after that night:

I texted him I'm home at 9pm.

Him: Hah I collapsed on my bed n just woke up :) thanks so much for coming! I had a great time! Sorry for being so miserable! :) 9:19pm

Me: No, thank you! It was a great surprise :) 12:09am

Me: Morning :) 8:04 am (Labor Day Monday)

Him: Hey :) about to leave for my run, will talk soon :) 8:06 am

Him: Hey, Just got back from my run, how r u? :)It's so nice outside when u r not hangover!!! Haha 9:21 am

Me: Took a shower and ready for the day . Ha I know. I went to bed right away last night when I got home 9:23am

Him: Heading for breakfast, brb :) 9:24am

Me: ok 9:25 am

Him: Hey :) Sooooo when are you coming to Bermuda? ;D it looks like we have to cancel lunch today as I have to check out at 12 & still do quick shopping b4 going to the airport.. 9:50am

Me: oh I see :) 9:50am

Him: Sorry Jess! I think I am trying to do to many things at once! :) 9:51 am

Me: that's fine :) Want me to send you off at the airport ? :) 9:53am

Him: Aww that's v nice of you but no need thank you :) U should book flights to Bermuda though! 9:54am

Me: Bermuda ? O.O" is there even a hotel in Bermuda? Lol 9:54am

Him: haha U can sleep on the beach :P 9:55am

Me: lame jokes isn't it? Total darkness and silence freak me out 9:55 am

Me: Got back safe :) 7:25pm

Him: Omg Im so tired 8:50pm Just landed 8:51pm

Me: That's late :) Rest well 8:53pm

Him: Home :) how was your day? 9:07pm

Me: Shopping day in century 21, how was yours? 9:08pm

Him: looong! So happy to be in my bed :) 9:19pm

Me: :) 9:22pm

Him: Now I just need phantom of the opera to put me to sleep haha night night :) 9:25pm

Me: Aww :) well you did fall asleep in my place 9:26pm

That's the end of it. That was from Monday, yesterday (tues) didn't heard from him at all.

Also, I mentioned he didn't sign on the dating app ever since we start texting on what'sapp, but he did login on the app on Friday night for half and hour (the night before he came to nyc) and yesterday around 8pm for half an hour or so. He wasn't looking at my profile because I would know if he did.

(Also he pay for everything when we hangout over the weekend eventho I offered to pay)

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I met a guy about a month ago on PoF (dating site). We haven't met in person yet (still working on scheduling that; he works a lot) but we text often. The problem is, he never initiates the conversations. I'm always the one texting him first. He always answers, and our conversations are great, he's flirty and everything. But I've mentioned before that I wish he would text first sometimes, and he says "Okay", but then doesn't do it. I've tried waiting a few days to see if I hear from him, but nothing.

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