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By wavy_gurl | Sep 28 2015

So, I started talking to this guy on a dating website about the last week of August. It was going very well and smooth and so it led to texting. This was maybe the 2nd guy I gave my number to... I am very cautious with the online world. We texted everyday, talked on the phone, and he seemed so smitten! We set up a date! Sure, I was nervous but I was so ready (: It was set up for right after I got out of work. The way we planned it was that I would drive to his place and he would then drive us to the restaurant. I felt very comfortable with him and still do not regret that decision. The date went great! We definitely had a connection and a lot of chemistry. But then I had to be the one to ask if he wanted to see me again. He did, I guess, so we set up another date. BUT then he said it would have to be rescheduled because he had a work trip-which he did warn me about so I can't be mad. So now he has three work trips lined up for three weeks. I just wonder if this "getting to know each other thing" came at a bad time. Like the second date can't happen for over a
month. We are still talking everyday but sometimes I get the feeling that he doesn't have the same interest in me anymore or that it's so much time in between, that he would lose interest. I know he's busy with these trips so maybe I am overthinking things.

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