Okay so I met a guy online and I've instantly clicked with him. We got close and he gave me his number and all. But now he only texts or talks to me when it's like past 4am where he's from. I felt like we both were actually serious and we even talked about meeting each other one day. Keep in mind that we're from different countries and like 5000 miles away smh. Anyways the problem is he only talks to me when he's about to knockout. (Usually at odd late times) It annoyed me a lot and he's given me many excuses saying that it's cause that's when he can talk to me without any disturbances. I got mad and asked him what exactly his intention was and what he took me for. He said he wanted to talk to me and eventually see me and then see if we can make things happen. I told him I thought he took me for a virtual booty call and he laughed and said if that's what I thought of you, I wouldn't have talked to you the way I did. Like honestly he's sucha sweet guy and all but why is it that he only decides to talk to me late at night? It annoys me sometimes cause he still does it. Ugh I don't even know! He lives so far sigh is this even going anywhere? Am I just someone he talks to when hes bored and can't fall asleep?

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