Does he like me...

By rio | Sep 09 2015

Met him at a bar while I was on vacation, after being there 5 minutes he just started talking to me. I thought he was hot, then as we talked for the next 3 hours I found out he was also sweet, smart, funny, into a lot of things I like, and has a lot in common with me. His friend showed up to get a ride somewhere, which had been pre-planned from the sound of it. I gave him my number and he called my phone with it so I would have his too. He said he wasn't sure when he would be back in town when I asked him if he wanted to hang out later. All I was thinking at this point was hooking up with the hot local would be fun and since I was leaving the next day, it needed to be that night. He texted me a few times over the next couple of hours to let me know where he was and then when he got back to town, he and I were going to meet up but my car wouldn't start. So he came to my place and tried to get it working for me, but it was a lost cause so wejust drove to his place in his car - my brother was in the cabin, so I couldn't hook up with him at my place.

When wegotto his house, we stayed in the car for close to an hour, talking about anything and everything. He told me a lot about himself, and his life, good and otherwise. Finally, we decided to go in, and once inside we sat on his bed for another hour or two, talking, sharing music, and I tell you, being with him was as easy as breathing. It turned out that I actually really, really, like him. He seemed nervous, and just wouldn't initiate anything. We aren't kids, I should say... I'm 35 and he is 38, so nervousness wasn't expected. To give him the "go ahead" sign, I laid down on the bed. He mirrored me but didn't make a move. I touched his arms and back to compliment his muscles, he felt my thighs to compliment mine, but still didn't start kissing or anything. I was getting impatient, but was also thoroughly enjoying just talking to him... Like I said, we clicked so well it was as easy as breathing. It was chilly there (mountain retreat) and since we were already laying down, I moved closer to his warmth. He asked if I was cold and got me a blanket and out it on me, but then laid down and wrapped his arms around me and brought me in for some tight cuddling.

I said to him, "tell me another story or do something." He repeated what I said as a question to me, so I responded, cutely, "yeah, entertain me". He said, "oh, entertain you? Yes ma'am!" And with that we got to some hot and heavy sex, also really really great. Afterward, he snuggled and cuddled and held me close all night. Kissing me on the nose and forehead often, caressing each other tenderly on the face and neck and head, it was very sweet.

In the morning, we woke up and did it again, and when done he stayed right where he was and just cuddled into me, we were similarly affectionate for quite awhile before we broke off so he could go to work. We got dressed and he got ready for work. He stopped his car at the edge of his property and talked for another 20 minutes before taking me home - he really didn't want to let me go. He dropped me at the cabin and we sat there for probably 5 minutes. He told me about the things he has planned for improving his circumstances and finances, etc. we kissed goodbye and I walked inside without turning around

I sent him a coupleof non-pornographic pics of me, and some songs that I thought he should hear and then let him know when I arrived home safely and that the truck was now fixed and I offered him a more racy pic. He always texted me back right away, but didn't say he wanted the sexy pic. In fact, though we've been texting regularly for the last 2 days, he hasn't been flirty but just telling me about the things he is doing to get his life in better order. My best guy friend said this was because he really likes me as much more than a hookup, and is trying to improve his "nest" for me to I rice me to move there with him and that it is obvious he wanted to take me to work with him and just introduce me to everyone and integrate our lives since we only live 2 hours apart. He seems so sure about it, but I'd think the guy would be trying to sext me and would be flirting like crazy.

My questions are:
1. Does he see me as relationship material as my guy friend suggests?
2. Since I have property there and go often, should I see him again when I go back next week?
3. Is it better that he's having real conversation with me rather than flirting or setting, or is the fact that he didn't comment on my pictures or ask to see the risqué one mean that he's friend-zoning me?

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