I decided to give match.com a try and ended up get matched with a really cool guy. We haven't met yet do to the fact that he's in the military on a business trip, at that time when I started chatting with him he said it was going to be a month before he got back into town. Sooo we started to text, and we really hit it off. We made all these plans about what we should do when he gets back. He always texts first, since I'm one of those girls who tend to go to the traditional guys should chase if they are interested. Well he pretty much texts everyday, if not its at most three. In 5 days he will be coming home, and what's really annoying is that it's been 6 days since he's sent me a text. I really maybe over thinking it, maybe he's busy or wants to save some of the talking since we haven't even met... but It just feels weird, and I don't know what to do or think. I guess, I'm just wondering what other people feel about this situation when they hear it.

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