So about two weeks ago I re-added this guy on Snapchat and we got into quick and playful conversation (I'm 18, he's 19). Then after that night we kinda stopped, then after two days I decided to ask what kind of music he prefers, which started up another conversation. After that for about three days he would randomly send me a snap asking a question or a video of himself singing along to one of the songs he mentioned to me to see if I liked it. I liked him. I became interested and wanted to know more about this guy, because he seemed like this sweet and awesome person to he around. But then one day he just quit answering. I let it hang for a few days and posted pictures on my story to see if he'd try, but he never did. So as a little push I 'accidentally' sent a picture to him hat was meant for a friend to see if a conversation would start up again. It didn't. Then I just plain asked him, "what's up?" and hour later he answered in response, "hitting the sack." That was it. I answered him trying to see if I could get a response but it never came. I'm just frustrated, for what am I doing wrong? He seemed interested and I sure am, but now I don't know? Is it me? Or what should I do to see if I can start another conversation with him again?


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