Is he interested in me Is he trying to friend zone me or like...

By rainbowpooflings | Oct 04 2014

So I recently had a crush on this guy, hes quiet and is reserved and so am I. I finally got the courage to ask for his number and he gave it to me about a week ago. we talk sometimes after school, and he waits for me to walk down the stairs and takes the longer way to, im guessing, talk to me more. He would engage in the convo and everything, and we make plans to hang out. From our recent convo, he asked me who i liked and would take no for an answer, so i finally told him that it was him. He told me that he liked a girl in our spanish class and he loves outgoing girls. All of a sudden, he seems like hes uninterested and it upsets me. There was some signs that he could have liked me. My friend said that there were possibilities, such as he used her to make it seem like hes uninterested. He might like me but would want to get to know me better and everything. Now im doubting if he is somewhat interested in me. After i told him that i liked him, he kept asking if i liked anyone else, then cleared himself saying he wanted to know what kind of guys did i think were cute. I told him two guys from my art class, and i didnt mention him to creep him out.

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