NYE Party...

By girly_07 | Jan 04 2016

Hey there.
On NYE I've been to a party at a friend's house, it was super cool and everyone were having fun. At midnight we did a little countdown and each couples kissed and other people were hugging and everythin. Anyway, I'm single so I did not kiss anybody; however during the party, I've been talking to a guy I've seen before many times since we went to the same college but we never talked before the party. During the party we got to know eachother and we talked for hours and time was running so fast I did not realize it was almost 6 in the morning. During the party, at some point we also kissed, like A LOT. We actually made out on the couch (nothing super hot because people were around but you know it was something). At 6 we had to leave the party so I drove him home. When we arrived at his house, HE kissed me once again and we kissed for like 2 minutes non stop, I had to end it or otherwise we would have kissed for like 40 minutes haha. He kissed me goodnight and went home. He texted me later saying that he hopes I got home safe and since then we text everyday (we can't see eachother right now since he travelled the day after the party. He's coming back in a week tho). So we're still texting and at some point during the convo he told me: " I really hope you'll have time when I come back so I can see you again!!!" . Now here's my problem, I'm really starting to like this guy, like I can't stop thinking about him, about our kisses sessions and everything. I'm just afraid he's playing me and he does not really like me. He does not sound like a player at all but I'm so afraid to get hurt, like you can't even understand. Do you think he likes me or do you think he's playing me...?

Thanks in advance :)

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