Me and him have ben crushing on each other for a very long time. We met up only for hook ups. I first met him when I was going to his church. Est we made eye contact and staring for eachother flirting with our eyes I instantly became infatuated. In their church i met his mother and was very close to her. She even mentioned that me and him should get married. Problem is though that we never really initiated conversation about that. He had a baby mom that he was still involved with and his mother complained to me that "she was tooo loud, and he needs a good girl" Anyways, BACK TO THE HOOK UP PART: We seen eacther over 5 times, and he use to come by were I live hoping to run into me.. Or i would see him in unexpected and he will follow me and not say anything sometimes. I thought It was weird. I ignore him and waved sometimes, besides.. he should've call! he has my number.
Hes a Aries man . That might explain his boldness. But I think that he is afraid of something; rejection, commitment, itimidated, or is passive- aggressive. Until this day, he still contacts me on and off asking me what I have planned.. He texted me two weeks ago goodmorning 6:00AM in the morning on a saturday. We mad small talk and I flirted with him a little and he asked me alot of superfical questions. Here is the messages:
Him: Goodmorning love, How are you?
Me: Goodmorning im good, maintaining my leg, I kind of strained it. How are you?

Him: How did you do that?Im good. Organizing like usual.

Me: At the gym lol. I overworked my self.

Him:Where do you be working out at?
Me: Down the street in the apartments occasionally. I see your keeping upon your weight.
Him: Im trying. I been slacking. What do you got planned for the day?
Me:I have no plans. I have to get prepared for tomorrow thats about it?
Him: What iS tomorrow?
Me: San Diego!! I have to go train for work.
Him: Where you working?
Me: At the airpot
Him: Thats what's up. What position
Me: Customer servive. You have to start somewhere. You still working at sheiks?
Him: Naw I aint worked in a minute, i've been hustling.
Me: Yeah I here you. I like your ambition.
Him: Thank you. I wish everyone around me saw it like that.
Me: Np.Everyone don't think the same. DOnt take it personal.
Him: I know it. When you start the airport?
Me: after the second of july I start working.
Him: That's good. how long are you going to be in Diego?
Me: 22-2nd
Him:Oh okay. You get paid to be out there.
Me: Yep they pay for training and room expenses.

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