This is a really weird, scary question- but here goes! I have been on one date with this guy who I met in on tinder. I am 20. His tinder profile says that he is 22 years old. Before meeting up I said to him randomly 'when's your birthday?' and he said he was born in 1994, making him 20. He apologised and said he didn't realise that his age was wrong on there.
However, on the date he accidentally said his birthday was 1998. I said 'excuse me?' and then he said that he was just thinking of his younger sister's birthday. I got very suspicious and did some cyber stalking- all of his friends look young. I googled him (I know, super creepy, I was just desperate to find out if I hooked up with too young for me) and I found a paper from his school, stating that he was in his second last year of school and it seems to be dated from this time LAST YEAR. I'm very confused.
The worst part is its possibly the best date I've ever been on and we kissed. The age of consent in my country is 16 and I'd hate to accuse someone of lying- it just all seems so suspicious.

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