So I met this guy that sent me a friend request on facebook, we don't have friends in common,so I asked how did he sent me a friend request he said he was looking for a friend and by mistake he clicked on mine so he sent me the friend request.
So I added him he started sending me messages on Facebook he is so sweet,nice etc...., so I also started to send him messages so we messaged each other for two months so since the first month he wanted to meet me he said but I told him not until the third month, but then on the second month he gives me his phone # so we can text he calls me a few times,text and also he sends me pictures of him selfies, he is more comfortable texting because he has a problem he stutters since he was little that don't matter to me.i asked him if he was looking for a person to have a relationship,he said no but until he meet me he new he wanted a seriousrelationship.
So the third month comes around and we go out to dinner and then we end up having sex. Then the following week we go out and we have sex again.
So since the beginning he told me he has one kid i also told him I have two kids ,so he is fine about me having two kids and i am also fine about him having one kid .
so since we started messaging and texting he was open and honest about everything I also told him everything about me, he told me he wants a serious relationship with me and he also told me he was trying to find a place to move and issues with his ex his kids mom for child support.
So now he tells me he doesn't know what he feel like its all too much what's going on with him with all his problems he is going thru and that he needs to be alone right now to think,what it is he is going to do?
Because there is a lot of things going on with him not knowing if the is going to stay or move out of state his brother offered him a place to stay only for him, his brother also told him he will pay the rent, he wiuld only pay the utilities.
So he is not sure if he is staying or moving out of state because he don't know we're to rent and is still finding a place to rent.and then his ex wanting to put him on child support, even if they already had an agreement he gave her money and he would see his kid when ever he wanted. And so he tells me he needs time and space.

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