I don't know what to do. I've not contacted him since Thursday....

By confusedgirl90 | Jan 07 2017

Is he ghosting me or needing space? I really am confused!
My boyfriend has been deliberately not reading my texts or taking my calls since Tuesday now and I'm wondering if he's ghosting me? He is still on my Facebook and we are still in a relationship status. I just haven't had any contact. I was talking to his mum yesterday to thank her for having me down for New Years and she mentioned she had asked him would he be down this weekend to see me and he said "I'm not sure" We have been going out a little over a month, met each other's families and he told me he loved me. Very fast I know, but it felt right. My question really is, if he was ghosting me would he take me off Facebook etc? And my family too?

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