21f here. I've been seeing this man, 28M for about a month. It's great and I really like him. We really click well in person and he texts me throughout the day, every day (which can get really annoying but we're working on that).

During the first two weeks or so we hung out extensively and went on many outings in the span of 2 weeks. I met one of his really good friends and we had a great time. At this point I knew he was really into me, he would send me many texts along the lines of "you are so amazing, I can really see us making something wonderful out of this" or "thanks for another great date! I'm so happy we've clicked and I can't wait for our next date".
However, I haven't seen him in about a week, which is fine. We've both been really busy. But we did make plans to hang out on Saturday.. And he bailed to hang out with his buddies. He said he was really busy and it was just bad timing. I was pretty upset and let him know so and he promised to make it up to me the following night (Sunday). So from the span of Saturday to Sunday he texted me lots of lovey dovey things about how he misses me and can't wait to see me tomorrow. He even told me he wants a relationship with me. Great! Well Sunday rolls around and I hit him up to see if we were still on. He avoided answering the question for a couple hours and then asked if it would be alright if he went out "with the guys". I said it was fine and I could spend the time catching up with my own friends, he was so happy and thanked me for being understanding however he made no effort to make other plans... Yet he continues to text met throughout the night about what I was doing and how he missed me so much and just a slew of lovey dovey things.

I'm sitting here wondering, "if you're so into me (which verbally he seems to be) then why ditch me twice in a row?" I know his friends are really important to him and I wouldn't ask him to put me first in front of anything however, I'm a little surprised he picked movie night with friends over sex especially when we hadn't seen each other in a while.

(To sum it up: 28m I've been seeing keeps ditching me yet texts me 24/7 about how into me he is. Getting confused by all the mixed signals)

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