If I double text him,would that be annoying ...

By ouyang1997 | Mar 27 2016

I met a guy on Tinder , he's an exchange student.I met him when he just arrived here for 2 weeks, he's a Brit. We had really good conversation for about 2 weeks. And one day he told me he was horny and then we had sex for twice. He said he liked my smile so bad and we had lots of very deep conversation on bed... When i told him about my ex , he held me tighly , saying I shouldn't be treated like that. And then we had dinner , he still said im cute and hot. We texted everyday , telling each other the daily lives. But there's no sings that he wanted to ask me out in his message, even I gave him the hints. He usually responsed my message in 2 days. But it's been 5 days that he hasn't responsed to my message... But he still liked some posts on Instagram.
I actually only wanted to be his FWB because I really had a great time with him.But we lost connect now... Should I text him again?

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