Why he invited me out and then cancelled?

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I've been casually dating this guy for 3 months (nothing's official yet but we didn't keep things discreet - common friends/ other friends knew about us). We used to meet 1~2 days every weekend and chatted every 2 or 3 days during the week (most are one on one dates). We've previously talked and agreed not to meet on weekdays as the dates would be so short (don't want to appear tired at work so I don't hang out any later than 11pm).

He was busy all weekend 3 weeks ago and it was nice of him to insist meeting me on Fri late night for some drinks and a sleepover - I knew it was the best he could do that week so it was fine.

He then caught serious cold mid of the following week so we've cancelled our dates to let him rest. We kept chatting daily, being caring and see if he was getting better. It was still all fine until last week which I sensed something's changing.

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