Why the eff is he semi-ignoring me!...

By carmenphilomena | Oct 06 2014

Okay so a guy started working at my job about a few months ago, I knew he wasn't going to be there very long cause after he was hired he was also in the process of joining the airforce. He use to flirt with me all the time at work, lots of physical and eye contact, eventually we started hanging out and even went on a few dates. We both were not looking for anything serious since he's leaving soon so we hooked up two times and we both had an amazing time. Not only is the sex amazing but us just hanging out is pretty amazing too. Recently he's been ignoring me yet not ignoring me...for example I'll text him and he'll reply two or three times and then stop completely, or at work he'll say hi to me and stare at me the entire time yet not speak to me and go out of his way to avoid contact afterwords. Im really confused and I miss the good times we use to have. I just wish I knew what he was thinking, but he won't even give me the chance to ask...

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