Yes, I realize this is a site for girls and asking about what a...

By daveskinner | Aug 26 2016

don't know if this should be in "online" or "texted" but i am a guy and need to know if what she said warrants a reply or not

Now I'm Wondering

Yes, I realize this is a site for girls and asking about what a girl should reply to a guy, but i need help. I was on instagram last night and finally learned about those little circles on our homepages are. It's basically like a snapchat story. i watched one of the girls i follow on instagram's video she recorded last night and she said in the video that "she hopes other people have such and such, like she does in the video". I skipped over what she was talking about because it's not really that important to the story. Anyway, even though she was NOT asking us if we do, she did say "she hopes we do". So even though it didn't warrant a reply here because it wasn't a question, i did anyway. so i said "i don't know if i have one of those but maybe I do and I just don't realize it yet, but im just one guy and thought id share that with you. So I'm thinking, why would she reply to me. I didn't ask a question, and i didn't even give her a good "answer" (since i dont even know, so i couldn't). Turns out, within a few minutes or seconds of me posting it, she replies to me "you are not JUST one guy, and i suggest you get one of those, highly recommended!" Again, i repeat, i didn't ask her a question in my post, so the fact that she replied was like, "whatttt??? :) :) :) lol. she didn't ask anything back in her response as you see, so, im just wondering, is this is something i can reply to or not (no matter if she replies back again). i feel like if i just said "thank you", it wouldn't be enough, but then again, maybe it'd be OK to just be simple with it. I don't know, what do you think?




21 Sep

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