when ever we meet in collage he is always staring at me and he...

By beaster | Mar 14 2015

i think this guy likes me and he share evreythang to me but he does not text me back even he sees the text and make excuse later when he replies do he really likes me or its just something else?

Now I'm Wondering

when ever we meet in collage he is always staring at me and he likes playing with me even its fighting or arguing he is there but at home when ever we chat sometimes even though he see the text he does not reply and then later when i say no reply after seeing he makes excuse n all what is dar



14 Mar

Hm this is difficult, of course there are guys that just don't really like to text. Do you see each other a lot in college? Like every day or so or at least week? If so he might just be lazy or not like texting...I guess you'd either have to ask or hang out with him in person and see how he acts.


15 Mar

i see him everyday .I have met him in person i feel very comfortable when he is around and he is so much different from what he is on texts .He seems to be so caring and asks questions about my past and my life ,he seems quite interested in my taks.

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