What to think of boyfriend and friend's sexual text...

By girlgirl03 | Dec 17 2015

What to think of my friend and boyfriend's sexual text exchange?

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What to think of boyfriend and friend's sexual text exchange?

My friend takes pride in making appallingly nasty jokes with everyone for shock value. She's kind of like the chubby funny chick of our group of friends.

She sent my boyfriend who just moved away nasty texts one night, and he shot back with (arguably) even nastier ones. The convo went something like below. Ok this gets gross, but full disclosure: She was asking him whether he had bought a bunch of lube yet because he was going to need it out there while all alone, then said she wished she could remove one of her ribs to go down on herself. She talked about how she was getting high then was going to go to bed. He then said at least be doing it in your panties you animal! And she said no she was wearing her burkha, and he said that booty shorts would be way more fun. Then that was it.

She claimed what he said wasn't a joke because it was too personal and says I should be worried and careful to trust him.

He swears up and down he thought they were just joking around and is confused why she suddenly pulled the plug and thought that this would be used to try and pry us apart. Either way, he apologized profusely to both of us for getting out of line. He said they were just jokes made in poor taste with a girl who usually nothing is off the table with.

She has not apologized for anything and maintains she's an innocent victim and says she has every right to be upset because her jokes were general and his were personal and she in no way deserved that. She also says that true feelings always come out when one is drunk.

My bf and I have been together for 3 years and have been friends since middle school, and I've never really had any reason to doubt him. I've been friends with the girl for nearly a decade. He's warned me about her for ages but has still made an effort to tolerate her because of me, but he's never really liked her.

This whole situation is seriously stressing me out, and I need some clarity once and for all! Please help.



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17 Dec

Sounds like he sees her as one of the boys. They were jokes, I'm not sure I understand why the drama


26 Dec

Your friend is a jerk, to be honest. I would be livid if one of my girlfriends texted inappropriate stuff like that to my boyfriend. There's no reason not to trust your boyfriend, he simply reacted to what she said. And his reaction wasn't even sexual. SHE started it and continued it after his comment, and then turned around and said HE made her feel uncomfortable. She sounds like a chick who craves drama and needs attention. Be wary of her. In fact, I would phase her out of my life. She doesn't sound like a real friend to me.


3 Sep

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