What is up with him Because I know for sure he is no douche ,...

By fatnonymous | Oct 24 2015

Hello :) I met this guy on Tinder and right off the first lines he subtly said he wanted ''fun'' instead of a relationship. I didn't want a relationship either, but I never considered fwb cause it doesn't fit my profile. Our texts still consisted mostly of major flirting going in the direction of sex. We decided to meet for a drink first in order to get to know one another and we concluded we both wanted to see eachother again and that we're actually both serious people. We don't text a lot, but when we do its immediately flirting and for awhile he tried to convince me (not in a douche way, he's actually decent) to try fwb. His arguments consisted of: we're both responsible, we don't sleep around and it will be first experience fwb for the both of us. So we're like on the same level. I eventually agreed and he seemed pretty hype about it. The first time i invited him over, he had to leave in the middle of the evening (didn't have sex) cause he had a family emergency . We texted a little afterwards and then he suddenly stopped answering my msgs. 2 weeks later i texted him again, he answers immediately, we flirt and he reveals he has doubts about starting fwb cause he's worried he might not be good enough for me. Eventually he changes his mind, we flirt and tempt one another. We set up another date and he doesn't show up! I texted him to make sure he was alright cause maybe something happened... He hasn't answered since then...

Now I'm Wondering

What is up with him?

Because I know for sure he is no douche , not a bad guy that likes to play and is actually really decent. I can tell by the way he express himself. He's actually cautious by making sure if we were to be fwb, we can't have other partners and protection is really importanat, etc.



24 Oct

Girl, be super SUPER careful. Don't waste your time waiting around. Have other options. That way, if and when he messages you he will see that you are desirable and wanted by others. Because I'm sure you are :) Don't assume that he is completely safe and what not - I hate to say this but guys are so shady. I was just lead on for three weeks by a guy who seemed amazing and whom i was about to start a relationship with and he completely lied about who he was. COMPLETELY. So, keep your options open and never wait for a man! Because chances are they're keeping their options open too. Best of luck! xo

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