What do you think I should do here...

By meh198 | Mar 15 2015

Last weekend, I met an adorable guy at the bar...he asked me to go home with him and we ended up sleeping together. We spent the day at his place the next day and he was very cuddly and we talked and laughed and hung out and slept together a few times more..he was very sweet, smiling at me during, etc. He dropped me at my friends house later and we had a lot of kisses and he asked me for my number and i said we definitely should get together again soon and he agreed. He waited for me to get into the house and we smiled and waved. It all seemed very genuine. He didnt appear to be a player or anything...if anything he seemed to be a little unsure of himself while we were together. I definitely want to get to know him and I thought maybe he felt the same. Well, he didnt text me and I ended up texting him 4 days later...his replies were fairly boring and he didnt ask me out for the weekend. I replied on Saturday morning to a text he responded to of mine on Friday night and he hasn't responded to me. I havent done the one night stand thing very often, so I dont know the protocol...I thought he genuinely wanted to get to know me and now im like wtf? What are your thoughts and what if anything should I do? I know he has a game mid week he told me about...should i text him good luck? The chances of running into him again over the summer are like 75%...should i just wait for that possibility? So confused...really liked him.

Now I'm Wondering

What do you think I should do here?



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16 Mar

A one night stand is just that, he hasn't shown any interest in you since that night/morning after so I think you can safely assume that a hook-up was all he was interested in.


16 Mar

Definitely don't text him again. If you see him over the summer, be cordial and friendly if you want, but don't go home with him that night unless you just want another quickie. If you actually like him and want a relationship, make that clear by not going home with him again right away. If he texts you again, don't be too eager. Be about as dry as he has been, see if that motivates him.


18 Mar

Don't text him

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