We were texting after he asked for my number, rather than talking...

By nerdgirl | Apr 18 2015

I've recently joined Tinder, and I met a guy I really think I like. He's quite a bit older, which I like, and we've been texting quite a lot. My question is - if he's interested in me from the beginning would he make it obvious straight away, or would he spend time "sussing" me out? He has no problem flirting with me, or asking for pictures, but I hate that our conversation still feels superficial. He doesn't give any personal information, and he doesn't ask, and when I ask he gives me one word answers. Am I reading too much into this or is he 'just not that into me'?

Now I'm Wondering

We were texting after he asked for my number, rather than talking on Tinder. 90% of the time he's the first to initiate the conversation, and it bothers him when I can't chat.



19 Apr

We never talk at the wee hours of the morning - I know that's a booty call - but I'm pretty sure He's Just Not That Into Me... #MovingOn #DeletesTinder


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20 Apr

Yeah it doesn't sound like hes very into you if he barely bothers to respond. And the fact that he gets worked up by you not responding is arrogant and presumptuous, he probably just likes the attention.

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