We were in his car when we first kissed he said "I think this is...

By helpisneeded | Dec 16 2015

So I recently got my first kiss from this guy I met on tinder, I was his first meet up and he was my first meet up. He goes to a different college than mine and we went out on only two dates. After those two dates we continued to text but he would always text me at like 11 o clock when he's finally at home. and to be honest he doesnt do much but work and then go to the gym. You're telling me he can't take a break or while on break call or text? He texted me yesterday saying "hey munchkin" and then I didn't reply because Im a little bothered by the fact that he wont text me throughout the day. He also views my snapchats but doesn't answer. I havent replied but I want to. What should I say? Is he worth it?

Now I'm Wondering

We were in his car when we first kissed he said "I think this is the part where we kiss" and then we did and then i left and called him and told him I had no experience in kissing cause i had never done it. He was surprised and then said "Its okay innocence is beauty, own it"

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