We were colleagues that became friends before sexting (we agreed...

By wonderwoman_87_2 | Nov 20 2015

Why would a guy suddenly ignore a girl he has been sexting for 8 months? (we dont live close enough to meet up often)

Now I'm Wondering

We were colleagues that became friends before sexting (we agreed to a fwb type relationship) we have great chemistry and conversation was always effortless, but he is 10 years my junior. I'm wondering why he would ignore two messages from me( i sent a how ae you text and then because he told me his phone is dodgy from the beginning i sent a whatsapp message which was read, petty much instantly) as he usually responds i'm assuming he doen't want to talk to me now i had wondered whether or not to ask him outright but i'm kinda annoyed that if he's done with "us" he didn't have the decency to say so i just haven't text him for 2 weeks ;-(



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20 Nov

Sounds like he's met someone. I'm not sure what the correct etiquette is but I do know that a lot of people don't feel the need to disclose that info in a situation where they haven't made a commitment.

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