We've hooked up 6 or 7 times over the course of 4 months. It's...

By eveline | Mar 28 2016

My FWB 'dumped' me; I'm bummed & wondering if he's fabricating

Now I'm Wondering

We've hooked up 6 or 7 times over the course of 4 months. It's been 5 weeks since we last saw each other. A few days ago I asked if he was free this upcoming week and it it took him over 24hrs to get back to me with "Hey, I am as of recently in a relationship. I appreciate the thought though. Hope you're doing well."
At first I thought he was lying as way to avoid the confrontation of ending this situation, but then I remembered he's been dating casually (I never had a problem with it, we talked openly about it but inside I was dreading it ). The first reason I wonder if he's fabricating is that he was very enthusiastic about seeing me the last time we met (although he was more distant in the morning than usual). He seemed eager in his texts and he even wished me a happy Valentine's day which i totally wasn't expecting from him. The second reason - I'm finding it hard to imagine he'd (or most people in general) jump into a relationship that fast cause I always assumed he had commitment issues seeing as he hasn't had many relationships in his lifetime not even a longterm one.

I guess the main problem here is that he's the best most affectionate passionate hook up I've ever had, and it's hard to let that go. When we had sex I always slept over at his place, and he'd cook breakfast/tea or a late night dinner snack for me. He was super cuddly, and kissed a lot. He said I was beautiful & sweet and our situation was very pleasant but was blunt about it being nsa. I understood & respected that but caught some feelings (he was aware of this) quickly because of the amount of chemistry we had. We were very open & quirky/playful with each other and he gave me guidance on personal issues. We're both in different parts of the performing arts..he took me to a show after our 3rd hook up and introduced me to some of his friends. However when I invited him to a show, he almost ghosted on me. He's 8years older than me and I guess that may have been a deterrent for him despite him saying it wasn't. As for myself, I've never been a relationship so I tend to go through a mild depression when my good fwb situations end. I feel like this reinforces the idea that I'm might not be girlfriend material (whatever it is). I find casual sex easier to jump into cause dating & rejection makes me feel insecure & inferior. Obviously he is not obligated to be with me, it's for him to choose his mate...but it hurts. It's a quite painful to visualize him smitten on cloud 9 right now.. this soon. Sorry if this is so long.



30 Mar

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