We´ve been texting for a while now. We work at the same company...

By nanda | Mar 16 2015

He sings to me... is he interested in me?

Now I'm Wondering

We´ve been texting for a while now. We work at the same company and see each other only once a week. But he sends me messages on whatsapp everyday, small questions or comments about different subjects. We went out 4 times, all times with friends. But, on the weekens, we talk from 6am to midnight and he sings to me, different songs. He is a singer and he also plays piano and guitar, so, as our musical tastes are very much alike, he sings opera songs, wich I found very enticing. He told me about one girl that he likes - and it is not me - and asked me for advice. But, my question is: why is he doing this with me if he is interested in someone else?



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16 Mar

It really sounds like he's just being your friend. It's not like he's asking you out on dates or telling you he likes you, he's just singing, and if he's a singer and plays instruments, it doesn't really sound all that special. But the biggest thing is he's asking you for advice on other girls, if he wanted you he wouldn't mention anyone else. Sorry.

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