We met about a month ago. And ever since that night, we have been...

By amcarter | Mar 25 2015

What's his deal? Does he like me or what?

Now I'm Wondering

We met about a month ago. And ever since that night, we have been texting and hanging out. The first week after we met, we hung out like 4 times that week. It was always just going to his house and watching movies, but we never did more than kiss. During one of those times, he asked me on a date so later that week we went on a lunch date then hung out that night also. We have also been hanging out, and one night we went to the beach and it was really sweet and romantic. While we were at the beach, holding hands, this group of guys said "man you're lucky, your girl is beautiful!" so I think that maybe made him think like, damn she is or something idk! and at one point his friend had asked me to get food but i said to invite him (the guy i'm writing about), so he heard about that and was happy i mentioned him, but then he was like "why were you sitting next to him anyways?" so he sounded jealous. he has also drunk texted me 4 texts one day, and at one point a few weeks prior, i wasn't responding to him because he was being kind of a dick so he double texted me the next day… he goes little stuff like double texting when i don't respond, which makes me think he likes me. he was never that great at texting anyways, like he would send a message then eventually stop responding. maybe 3 1/2 weeks into knowing each other, we did hook up… not sex but almost. but beforehand, i said "i hope thats not all you want from me" and he said something like "if thats all i wanted from you, i wouldn't have taken you on a date, or gone to the beach, or just hangout with you when you come over". then last friday morning, he texted me with a kissing emoji then said "i want to do something with you today" but he had a skate competition at 1pm and the events lasted all throughout the weekend. and while hanging out with him, i told him i was visiting a different city (gainesville where UF is) with 3 guys, which i was but they're purely just friends. and he seemed concerned by that, he said "that seems like a lot of work… and you're the only girl going?" or something. he seemed jealous. (he has also been cheated on by an ex-girlfriend where he said he was really really hurt so the thought of other guys could sway him away from me??) anyways… that saturday night (so the day after we hung out), i texted him saying hey and no response. i didn't hear from him but he would view my snap stories, like he would be one of the first ones to view my snap chat stories… then i didn't talk to him until today (tuesday). i started getting really really upset and anxious so i texted him saying "whats up :/ i haven't talked to you lately" and he so casually said "i had a long weekend lol and i'm sick"… so i said "ok… hope you feel better" and he said "thank you!" then sent "how've you been" and blah blah then he asked if "gainesville was tight?" (gainesville is the city i visited with the 3 guys friends) and i said "it wasn't that fun" and he asked "why" and i said "because i could've done the same things in tampa" and he said "oh i see". so i ended up not responding because he seemed uninterested. and during the weekend, i saw him like a picture of these two girls in his house… but he lives with other guys too so they could be his friend's friends? also, i asked him friday morning why he was playing games, and he kinda smirked and kept asking how he was playing games, like he knew he was and thought it was amusing or something. I just don't understand this sudden lack of interest in me… how could we have such a great day on friday and even on monday at the beach where we were cuddling and talking then to hearing nothing from him and him even not responding to me on saturday. i know he was out all weekend partying with his friends due to the weekend-long skate comp. but damn. it hurts so much. i just wanna know his deal. do you think its because he was mad i went to gainesville with 3 guys? because i guess i would be mad too, or is it because he found someone new? i feel like i did everything right… i didn't have sex with him, i didn't act too eager by always responding… i don't know what i did. it hurts so much, and i'm losing sleep over it.



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25 Mar

JESUS youre ranting A LOT, you need to calm down! It look me 3 attempts to read your message because it's so incoherent. It's very likely that he is acting jealous because you went away with 3 guys, but don't let his brattiness break you, you have every right to do that. Just stay CALM and cool, respond to him if he texts, agree to going out on a date if he asks, but do not initiate these things, otherwise he's gonna think he can control you with his mood swings.

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