We hooked up and now we are to this point. He takes a long time...

By imconfused | Nov 16 2012

Now I'm Wondering

We hooked up and now we are to this point. He takes a long time to reply to texts. And when he does, he is very short worded. Does he like me? Or, is he just shy? If he is short-worded, then, it is cute. But if he just doesnt want to talk to me, then, that is a problem.



16 Nov

It's not unheard of for a guy to be short-worded, so don't read too much into that. However, if he's taking a long time to answer, it's either because he's busy and texting you back is a hassle, or he's doing it on purpose to keep you hanging. My guy is that he liked hooking up with you, but he's not really that into you, but I'd say the verdict is still out. If you want to go after this guy, try to hang out with him.


16 Nov

I don't think he likes you, and I don't think it is "cute" to be short-worded. Another thing - some dudes just aren't that into texting. Use it to make plans and then show up, but don't keep texting him all day.


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16 Nov

Forget him. He's not into you.


17 Nov



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17 Nov

He's into you enough to of hooked up, but anything more he's just leaving you hanging for a rainy day....


17 Nov

I don't know if 'he's into you' but he's using short answers to 1) Not fuck it up, much easier to not fuck it by not saying much 2) Short answers get women's hamster going. When it is vague and ambigious you guys like the drama and it gets the romance going.


17 Nov

Call him (^_-)b Some people don't do texts, and you'll find out by his tone. His texts seem fair and to the point. Find something interesting going on, and see if he wants to go, over the phone. If he doesn't answer, leave a decent voice message. If he can't get back to you on that, then you get the answer that he isn't really interested, as it would be in his court to reply, and if the event is at a certain day, he'd have to reply before it. If he doesn't reply before the event, or replies with a text in return, that's a lack of respect, and I wouldn't waste your time. It'd be on him to contact you.


17 Nov

You sound like a really smart girl. I have to say, I like how you called him out on it! He doesn't seem to enthused to hear from you, and like the others said..he may be "keeping you for a rainy day", so he's responding as to not lose you as an option, but also not really reciprocating too much. Anytime my boyfriend of 4 years responds to my messages with, "yeah", it means he's not really paying too much attention to what I'm saying or doesn't care much for it, lol. I can't speak for all guys but my guess is that he's not as interested as you are. I'm sure you'll find someone who is soon, though :) Good luck!


17 Nov

In my experience with guys, if you've already hooked up, then if he didn't want to talk to you he just wouldn't respond to your texts at all. As for taking a long time to answer texts, some guys are just textually-challenged and don't realize that most girls see texting as a form of real-time communication. They see it more like e-mail, that they can read when they have a chance and reply to when they feel like it. But if he sends you a one word text after half an hour, don't send him a 20 word text 30 seconds later. Treat him as casually as he treats you. It's not exactly cold; it's just communicating the same way he does. If he's that slow and taciturn in text then he probably sees your responses as mini-novels that he is being bombarded with like gunfire and will see you as being overbearing while you think you're just communicating at a normal pace.


18 Nov

He can be shy or just he is avoiding you but how was he when you guys met? Try to date him and you will have your answer!


20 Nov

He's not interested in you. Move on


21 Nov

Wow. First I thought you was the one in blue and I was ready to say you are being a bitch. But it was HIM....He's a dick sweety, let that sucker go.


21 Nov

Some men just don't reply fast... and you need to reply even slower then they do because if you text them too much you come off as needy. If he said he would tell you, he will. Some guys just aren't texters! = )


22 Nov

Mr. ChimChim is totally right about the vague texts! I personally love the drama, too bad I have a boyfriend, I miss this! This guy is not into you I'm afraid, but he said 'your' instead of 'you're', that's totally gross.


25 Nov

justa hookup girl. leave it


27 Nov

You hooked up. What else does he have to be shy about? He's not into you enough to ask you out, but the verdict is still out for future casual hookups.


28 Dec

From my personal experience, I dated a guy but one of the signs that I wasn't into him was my short texts to him. I just wasn't feeling it. It felt like a chore to text back. The guy I'm currently dating, it all came naturally and we would text like fiends and still do after 10 months. You can definitely tell if someone likes you by how much they text you. If they're thinking of you they'll be reaching out whenever possible.

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