We broke up, after 10 years in a LDR, after a very short (less...

By daisy2u | Jul 11 2016

After breaking up and not talking for 3 months I texted him to share something funny from our past. He texted back " :) ". What does that mean?

Now I'm Wondering

We broke up, after 10 years in a LDR, after a very short (less than 5 minutes) fight. We had been going to get married this month but instead of working with me on an issue he just got enraged and broke up. Everything had been awesome until this point.




21 Sep

Hi, my husband and I have been together 17 years are married, I recently had a one night stand with a man and I told my husband about it, he basically said ok we will get through this, a week later I found out that for months he has been talking to women on adult chat rooms, I’m upset about this and now we keep arguing over everything that’s happened. I suggested counseling but he won’t go, last night he said he can’t get passed this and wants a divorce, I love him very much and I want to stay with him, we have 2 children ages 7 and 5 and I know their hearts will break. We also own 2 businesses together and I don’t want things to get messy since i reach Dr. Mako on his email: all my marriage problems was solve im now the desirable woman i want to be thank you Dr. Mako you are God sent to save my marriage.his phone number: +2348108737816.


19 Oct

Hi Lorna, Thank you for your comment. How much does it cost for Dr. Mako to do his work and how long does it take?

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