We are really good friends I met him in 3rd grade and I liked him...

By rtrtw | Mar 09 2016

me and my crush texted on thrusday and Friday then he never texted back and 18 days have passed.Why?

Now I'm Wondering

We are really good friends I met him in 3rd grade and I liked him all the way through 5th grade. He didn't like me like that but I was okay with that. He moved to a different middle school. I asked my friend for his number and I got it. He texted me late on thrusday night and we kinda catched up. Then he said text you tomorrow which he did. On Friday and I liked it. Its been 18 days and he hasn't texted back. Why?




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10 Mar

He got distracted by someone else. Maybe in a few more years, he'll text you again. Live your life.


16 Mar

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