We are both in high school and met on Tinder. Everything has been...

By emmeclairestephens | May 01 2016

He cancels first date and seems distant?

Now I'm Wondering

We are both in high school and met on Tinder. Everything has been going great, we text all the time and Skype, Snapchat, call etc. He seems like a really cool person. We planned a date to the movies a week in advanced and set up the time and everything. He says his parents don't care what he does or who he sees. That morning, he texts that he has to cancel because of his parents and that they won't give him a reason why. Which seems odd because he talks about having all this freedom. I have texted a couple of times, and he responds back like he usually would and pretty fast too but doesn't continue the conversation. So now he seems disinterested. He won't contact me first like he usually does. I only texted him twice since the incident which was yesterday.

What is going through his head? Should I wait it out or cut him off? What is going on?




3 May

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