Was he just flirting for fun with no intention of following...

By firu189 | Nov 10 2014

So I visited Chicago and met with a close friend of mine and his gf. We went bar hopping on a saturday night and their friends came along too. I ended up being the only lady in the group of 8 (other than my friend's wife).
I started chatting with this 35 year old investment banker. He was thoroughly engaging and paid a lot of attention to me. He teased me a lot and kept making fun of me for still living with my parents. We talked and laughed so much that when the group was walking to the next bar we would lose sight of the group and he had to call them up to find out where they were. This happened Twice in a row when we were moving to the next location. He joked and said it was all my fault and that I was distracting him on purpose. He also told me that one of my jokes was lame. I liked that he didn't pretend to find it funny. While walking on the streets he then started to put his hand on the small of my back. There was no need for him to guide me as it wasn't a crowded street and neither was I drunk. He did this 2 to 3 times. I did not reciprocate by touching him but neither did I move away. He also did impressions of me to make fun of me and after a while he told me he was just messing with me, as if he thought I might be offended? We got to a club and it got a little too noisy to talk. After we tried shouting in each other''s ears a couple of times we gave up trying to have a conversation. He slowly drifted off to another part of the club. After that I had to leave as something had come up and I did not get to say goodbye to the group. The next day I added the rest of the group on facebook and realized he wasn't on it. I IMed one of his buds for his number saying I just wanted to keep in touch since I was leaving the city. His friend then responded that it wasn't a good idea as he had a very serious girlfriend.

Now I'm Wondering

Was he just flirting for fun with no intention of following through since he hass a 'serious' gf?? Or just being friendly? Does the overt attention and teasing and hand on the lower back mean anything or did I read too much into it? Do you think his friend actually asked him if he should give his number or did he just say no on his behalf? I checked out the friend's facebook and it turns out he is pretty close to both the guy and his serious gf. I feel mortified!!



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10 Nov

He's a jerk


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11 Nov

You didn't do anything wrong, this guy is just flirty and being nice to the out of town girl. No biggie. Don't make it out to be more than it is.


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11 Nov

I agree with lilliekins. This guy is just flirtatious.

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