this was a conversation we had after i found out why he stopped...

By pixiechic8921 | Dec 05 2012

we met on a dating site and only met each other twice and we were close to becoming an item when he stopped talking to me...

Now I'm Wondering

this was a conversation we had after i found out why he stopped talking to me. its been a while since we talked but he recently showed up on the dating site again and was wondering if i should message him or leave it alone? he could have been the one...



5 Dec

sounds pretty intense for only 2 dates. chill baby! lol if you want to msg him, i think that's ok - but just keep it relaxed & don't place expectations on him.


6 Dec

I would leave it alone. He had his chance


6 Dec

"i love u" after only 2 dates is a bit weird i think.


6 Dec

yeah had a guy who was taking his shit in order for 2 years...he's still taking it together but not with me anymore as i was tired of waiting!!!.if he loves u he'll do it straigh away and he won't b txting u that he's doing it he will txt u that he'd done it!


6 Dec



6 Dec

If he wants to contact you he will.


6 Dec

Probably dated someone else and it didn't work out.... also quite a lot of drama already


7 Dec

You went on 2 dates... You don't love him, you're just desperate. I'd suspect similar things are true of him.


7 Dec

he said he loved me, i never said it to him


7 Dec

If he says he loves you after meeting you twice he is a dummy..... It's time to move on.


9 Dec

The two of you sound perfect for each other.


10 Dec

Um..2 dates? Sounds needy. But you also asked him to prove it. I'm sorry, who says "ILY" after 2 dates? Tis whole thing sounds too much, too soon. Let it go. Jmo.


Top Commenter

10 Dec

he could have been the one.... more like he's probably the ONLY one that would put up w/ you. Lonely people are crazy


24 Dec

He's not the one, he's a fucked up dick. Let him worry about his problems and perhaps get some therapy like a functional adult. Move on and save your energy for someone else. Anyone who tells you they love you after two dates is NOT HEALTHY!


2 Feb

That's messed. Im going to say NOT! Cause seriously, guys that like you don't stop talking to you for months.

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