This older guy & I have been working in the same building for...

By nicolejones3 | Jan 03 2016

It's only been a week since we exchanged numbers & he's already talking sex & sending penis pictures. Should I stop talking to him?

Now I'm Wondering

This older guy & I have been working in the same building for about four months now. About two months ago we started flirting with each other & since then the chemistry between him & I has grown to the point that we finally exchanged numbers a week ago. He waited the usual three days before he called me. The first time he called we talked for about two hours. It was a great conversation of us just getting to know the basics about each other. The following day he called the conversation started off kind of the same as the first conversation but this one took a turn.
He started asking questions regarding sex. What do I like, do I do this & that & what's my favorite postion, things of that nature. I played a major role in this because I entertained this conversation for about an hour. By this time we we're both hot & bothered so I had to put an end to the conversation because it was going where I didn't want it to go. I mean don't get me wrong I enjoyed every minute of the conversation but I have a history not taking things slow. I really like this guy alot & I want to take things slow.



10 Jan

Thanks for commenting @jhops. I now have all the answers to my questions as far as this guy is concerned. It's a wrap! He'd finally asked me out on a date after talking & texting for about two weeks. The date was set for Saturday evening, he was suppose to pick me up for dinner & a movie. Well sad to say I was stood up & it's now midday Sunday & I haven't heard from him yet. Going in to work tomorrow will be kind of awkward, I actually have to pass him to punch the clock.

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