This guy I met through mutual friends and from what I hear hes...

By ag89 | Oct 10 2012

Now I'm Wondering

This guy I met through mutual friends and from what I hear he's like a complete jokester and really sarcastic.. we went out for drinks and kissed, but I didn't go home with him. I'm not sure if I should take this seriously or not.. did he really kiss another girl that night too??




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10 Oct

Well he could be joking about calling you the wrong name. Then again he could have kissed another girl. It's really up in the air at this point because you don't know for sure. If I were you I wouldn't take it so seriously. But if you want to see him again make sure he's not joking or being sarcastic about your feelings.


10 Oct

Doesn't matter. He's an asshole either way. If he's pretending to not know your name...asshole. If he kissed another girl and then called you by her name and didn't apologize...asshole who doesn't remember you.


10 Oct

He's a jokester - you said so yourself. I try to be funny when I'm nervous too, sometimes it's a complete fail because girls don't get sarcasm in situations like these. Hell, he even put a wink after "Amanda", so he's definitely joking. Don't give up on him yet...


10 Oct

IMO: The Verdict is still out. Sounds like he's just teasing you. I'm not sure kissing constitutes a serious relationship. He could have kissed another girl (I doubt it), but at this point, why do you care? My Advice: You met a guy, it seems you had a good time. Leave it at that for now. Your next step is about getting to know him better, not about trying to enter a long-term relationship. Consider inviting him along with you the next time you hang with your friends. It really takes the edge off the stresses of an actual "First Date."


10 Oct

Jokester or not, his behaviour is disrespectful. Use your energy to find someone more worthy.


10 Oct

He sounds like he's either a player or a really funny guy. We all like funny guys, but what makes a guy really good is if he's good with the girls. But could he, potentially, be both? I would say, as the old adage goes, "spin the roulette but don't count on the snake eye."


11 Oct

He's definitely joking. Unless he was completely wasted, I think he'd remember if he kissed two girls last night, and therefore would refrain from using any girl's name. Just take it slow and get to know him better.


11 Oct

Sounds like he's got tertiary syphilis and is delusional. You might want to get yourself checked out.


11 Oct

Teasing or not (which is inappropriate anyway, so soon), you made an initial contact to show your interest, ball is now in his court. So just respond "ok.." and nothing more. If he's really interested he will msg u back starting with a quick apology.


11 Oct



16 Oct

HE WAS JUST JOKING!!! Seriously, lighten up ladies! :)


16 Oct

Does anyone know what ;) means? Really, come on.


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17 Oct

I think if he was joking he would have continued the joke more, sounds like he was fishing for your name.


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20 Oct

He probably did. Funny jokesters tend to mask their real feelings by joking.


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23 Oct

Seems like he was joking, and it fits what his mates say about him. But can you really be bothered getting involved with someone who can't just be straight with you? It seems too stressful if you're already worried and it's only the first few texts. He needs to grow up!


30 Oct

Yes, he did remember you. But he is just not funny.


13 Nov

AHAHAH Thanks for sharing! Is he a joker or not? He could have played the "cocky" style on this one, you got to know his personality before make a judgement


27 Jan

He's trying to be funny. He's far too comfortable with you to like you. Sorry


13 Mar

Lol is it all girls writing these comments? If you wanna tease a girl this is a good way to do it. Make her think you kissed someone else, but then reveal it was a joke. I'm a dude and I don't see how you could think he doesn't like you if he kissed you AND replied to your text.


21 Mar

He's definitely into Amanda


23 Apr

If he is joking or not, don't give your heart to this guy. If he is not joking, he kissed another girl the same night and sounds skeezy. If he is joking then he gets a twisted excitement from pushing a girls buttons... and obviously in a bad way... because he has you all worked up!!!

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