This guy and I have been seeing each other exclusively for about...

By shadow4039_2 | Apr 24 2015

Why does it seem like he's so distant?

Now I'm Wondering

This guy and I have been seeing each other exclusively for about two months. We live about an hour away from each other, and we've only hung out three times. We've met each others parents and he came up to celebrate my birthday with my family, so I know he's interested. He's also coming to visit in about a week.

For the most part I'm not very worried about him not liking me, but I've had some bad experiences in the past that cause me to second guess things now and again. We snapchat at least once a day, but texting has gone downhill and he barely initiates conversations anymore. To be fair he has a lot going on with school and work, but I'm nervous the lack of communication (especially with the distance) is going to cause things to crumble.

He also doesn't seem very "relationship-y" anymore. Doesn't hold conversations over text very well, hasn't responded to important texts, no emojis, and like I said he doesn't initiate things. However, when we FaceTime or we see each other in person everything is absolutely perfect.

Basically, I just want opinions on whether or not his actions are normal.



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24 Apr

Girl this sounds nothing like a relationship. It sounds like you decided (or y'all mutually decided) that this is a relationship, and then left it at that. 3 times over 2 months is absolutely nothing. Snapchat is not a legitimate means of communication. If he isn't texting on top of not meeting you, I'm confused as to what you two do DO together that makes this a relationship? I wouldn't bother if I were you.


24 Apr

No he's definitely meeting me! We make plans to see each other again almost right after we see each other. We both have busy schedules so we can't visit every weekend. He's making the effort to see me and meet my family, so I don't know why his communication otherwise is going downhill.


30 Apr

hey, i was in the exact relationship couple of months ago. same thing, we decided to commit exclusively in a relationship and he even met my family but the communication became so bad. His texts were not loving at all, just like friends. Then he doesn't plan dates and started to appear at my house, as and when, he likes it. I couldn't take it and had many talks with him about it but it went worse. Finally, it was I who couldn't take it and broke off. I think my advice is to talk to your partner about how you feel and to understand why he is behaving like this and if both of you can reach a compromise - maybe he can communicate more or you can take it that sometimes he wants his own space and go quiet and that is okay with you. If both parties dont work together to make it work, it goes south. My advice is to speak to him about it and to know what he thinks for the relationship. I just want to tell you that I was in the exact position.

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